Raw Meadowfoam Blossom Honey

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Size: 6 / 12 Ounce

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Meadowfoam (Limnanthes alba Benth.) is an herbaceous plant grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Native to the Pacific Northwest, it is grown for its oil used mainly in health and beauty products. The name Meadowfoam is derived from the resemblance of white blooms in a field to foam on the ocean.

Bees collect nectar from this delightful little blossom to produce GloryBee’s Raw Meadowfoam Blossom Honey that has a deliciously vibrant vanilla flavor and aroma.

This pure, raw honey is not only regionally sourced from the Pacific Northwest, but is also sustainable and supports SAVE the BEE®. We source this raw meadowfoam honey from beekeepers who can meet our high standards for providing pure, antibiotic-free honey. Our raw honey is never heated above 115 degrees F and is only strained, never filtered to keep the natural pollen and nutritious enzymes intact.

We rigorously test our honey to ensure its purity.  We guarantee our honey isn't adulterated, nor does it contain antibiotics.  All of our honey is True Source Certified.  The True Source program provides audits by NSF, an internationally recognized third-party audit firm that certifies the source of honey from hive to manufacturer.  It requires honey packers and exporters to maintain a system to analyze honey purity.

A portion of sales from this honey is donated to SAVE the BEE® which helps support honey bee research on honey bee health. Certified kosher and naturally gluten-free, GloryBee's Raw meadowfoam Honey is honey you can feel good about eating and sharing with your friends and family.

Flavor Notes

It tastes like diving into a jar of cupcake frosting! Raw Meadowfoam Blossom Honey from GloryBee is celebrated far and wide for its distinctive warm vanilla aroma and sweet toasted marshmallow flavor.

This light amber honey is smooth and creamy when scooped from the jar. Spread on toast for a delicious vanilla sweetness or drizzle on top of parfaits, smoothies, or ice cream. Also makes a great compliment as a sweetener for coffee and tea.