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Raw Northern California Honey

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Raw Northern California Honey

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Size: 6 / 18 Ounce Case

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Enjoy the taste of honey freshly harvested from the hive! The sweet, delicate flavor and creamy texture of this genuinely RAW and LOCAL honey come from the nectar of a variety of Northern California flowers. Honey bees forage on blossoms of clover, lupine and other native plants to create uniquely local honey. Each jar of GloryBee raw honey is guaranteed to be 100% pure and minimally processed, retaining natural pollen and enzymes. It is simply strained and warmed just enough to pour into this jar.

  • Sourced from Northern California beekeepers
  • 100% pure and unfiltered
  • Contains natural pollens and enzymes
  • Raw - Never heated above 115°F
  • Kosher
When honey is extracted from the comb, small amounts of natural bee pollen and enzymes are extracted with it. Typically, the honey is heated and filtered to remove these elements which allow for the honey to remain liquid for a longer time. Raw honey from GloryBee is never been heated above 115°F and is simply strained, never filtered, which gives it a naturally creamy texture. It retains the natural pollen and enzymes found in honey freshly harvested straight from the hive.