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Reversible Pine Bottom

Item# 14274

Size: 1 Each EA

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The bottom board is the foundation for your hive. A bottom board of any type is an essential piece of equipment as you can’t have a standard Langstroth hive without one.

A reversible bottom is considered one of the most traditional types of bottom boards on the market. It creates an opening for your bees to enter and exit. Our reversible pine bottom boards come with a 5/8” summer opening on one side. If you flip the board over, it has a 3/8” winter opening. Simply flip over the bottom board at the end of a season.

We highly recommend reversible bottom boards for climates that tend to be cooler and that have a lot of rain.

Our reversible bottom boards come unassembled with complete easy-to-follow instructions and nails. They are made with tongue and groove construction as well as strong, sturdy pine. Both of these characteristics provide for extra durability and prevent warping. They do not include an entrance reducer but you can purchase one separately. Once assembled, we recommend that you paint the outer edges to protect the wood from the weather.

Our reversable bottom boards measure 22.8125” long by 16.3125” wide and will only fit a 10 frame hive.

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