Soaping Equipment

  1. Clear bottles with foaming and spraying pumps. Perfect for soaps, fragrances, and more.

    Clear Bottles with pumps and sprayers

    (2 sizes)

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  2. A durable plastic pump with a 38mm cap that fits on most 1 gallon containers for easy dispensing of liquid ingredients. 17" dip tube; pumps 1 fl. Oz. per stroke.

    Container Pump 1 Gallon

  3. Convenient, roll-up container works great for solid perfumes, deodorants, balms and lotion bars.

    Deodorant Containers

    (2 sizes)

  4. These droppers fit GloryBee amber glass bottles and are ideal for dispensing drops of oils and tinctures. Note: the rubber bulb may deteriorate with direct contact to some ingredients, so the dropper should be used with care not to suck up liquid into the

    Droppers for Glass Amber Bottles

    (2 sizes)

  5. For more precise measuring of liquids. Graduated to 1 ml in 0.25 ml incements, 15.5 cm length, 5.8 ml capacity, 4.6 mm stem diameter, 3.4 ml draw

    Large Bulb Pipette

  6. Polypro Bags - Gusseted. Perfect For Soaps And Bath Salts, Seal With A Heat Sealer Or With A Sticker.

    Polypropylene Bags

    (1 size)

  7. Tins with lids perfect for packaging of creams, balms, and salves, container candles, and more!

    Round Tins

    (6 sizes)

  8. Clear packaging for candles and/or soaps. Place bag over the candles or soap and shrink wrap securely around the candles with a blow dryer or heat gun. Package of 100.

    Shrink Bag 6" x 6"

  9. Small white polystyrene spatula, 2-1/2" long. Not for use with hot liquids. A nice small spatula for using in sample containers of lotions and hand creams.

    Small White Spatula

  10. Soap slicer - features measuring guide on heavy-duty stainless steel with non-slip ergonomic handle.

    Soap Slicer

  11. White, plastic Cream/ointment containers with lids,

    White Cream/Ointment Containers

    (2 sizes)

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