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Unassembled Comb Honey Super 4 5/8"

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Unassembled Comb Honey Super 4 5/8"

Item# 10415

Size: 1 Each (4 5/8”)

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Also known as a “shallow” super, we recommend using these 10 frame wooden boxes for comb honey production, as protection for a hive top feeder or as a quilt box. These supers are placed on the very top story of your hive. If using for comb honey production generally you will not have more than one or two on your hive during the honey flow season.

We recommend placing comb honey supers on at the very end of the honey flow. They are made from mill run grade wood, hold 10 frames and measure 16 ¼” wide, 4 5/8” tall by 20” long. They are lightweight and easy to assemble (instructions included). Nails, frames, and foundation are not included but can be ordered separately. Please note that GloryBee does not sell 4 5/8" frames or foundation.