b'Ethical Sourcing Safe Quality FoodGloryBee is committed to ethical and responsibleGloryBee scored 97% on our 2020 SQF audit.sourcing practices and to supporting the sustainableOur auditors were especially impressed with our development of our supply chain. In 2019, weknowledgeable staff, our super clean facilities,developed more rigorous supply chain requirementsand our excellent documentation.and revised our Responsible Sourcing Code, whichFood safety is about assessing the risks defines the minimum standards that all suppliers areand possibilities of what can go wrong, expected to adhere to when conducting businessfrom the supplier all the way through to with GloryBee.OUR PRODUCTSOUR PRODUCTSthe customer, and making sure the end In 2020, aside from multiple worldwide eventsproduct is safe.that made supply-chain management extremelyRecognized worldwide by all facets of the challenging, we have taken a step further by gathering key financial, social and environmentalfood processing industry, Safe Quality data from our major suppliers. This information willFood certification verifies that safety and be used to better understand how to collaboratequality controls have been implemented, with our supply partners to affect positive change invalidated, and monitored. A strong SQF the world, while providing more transparency to ourprogram results in safe products, brand customers. confidence, and reassured customers. 100% of GloryBee employees receive food safety training in their first week on the job, as well as quarterly and annual refreshers.12GLORYBEE.COM 2020 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT13'