b'Monitoring Our Waste Stream DistributionGloryBees total waste continues to decline, but our rate ofOur continued efforts to consolidate our Pacific Northwest trucking routesdiversion from the landfill dropped from 79% to 75% in 2020.have eliminated 101,242 miles over the past three years. Plastic recycling options have become severely limited in Oregon. Although reuse is our priority, we found a new local service to 500 Fourteen of GloryBees trucks run on 20% biodiesel, and two run onrecycle our plastic drums and totes when they become too worn Compressed Natural Gas. CNG emits 40% less CO . for use.2400 We massively increased our haul-backsLandfill Food Donations Compost from 200,000 pounds in 2019, to 4.2 million pounds in 2020. 2018 2019 2020TONSGlass & Mixed Recycling WoodGloryBee has been modernizing our fleet over the last miles/gallon 6.98 6.55 7.26 OUR PLANETOUR PLANET Metal Cardboard Plastic 300 four years. In 2020, we placed our newer trucks on ourpounds/gallon 315 395 393longer routes, which shows in our improved mileage. 2001000 2018 2019 202016GLORYBEE.COM 2020 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT17'