b'Our Team Focus on StrengthsIn March of 2020, when pandemic lockdowns148employees 99%paid a living wage GloryBee continues to work toward began in Oregon, GloryBee sent almost146 full time 99% eligible for benefits becoming a Strengths-Based everyone with a desk job to work from home.41%women 20%received professionalorganization, where every employee Half of our employees work in production,is encouraged to discover and shipping and transportation, so working12%minorities development training develop his or her unique strengths from home was not an option for those team5 military veterans 33employees promoted and to have the opportunity to use members. We implemented strict sanitationlowest wage overtheir strengths every day at work.and physical distancing standards, and are55%leadership positions11.6% minimum wageproud to report that one year later, ourheld by women and100% of our employees haveOUR PEOPLEOUR PEOPLEworkplace has remained free of COVID-19! minorities 88%employee retention taken the CliftonStrengths assessment and attended 5.9 yrsaverage employee tenure trainings to develop and apply their strengths. In 2020, we began training our managers, using Gallups latest global study on 45% of ourthe future of work, to employees haveshift the dynamic from worked at GloryBeebeing "bosses" to being more than 5 years; "coaches."20% more than 10 years6GLORYBEE.COM 2020 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT7'