b'Measuring Our Impact 2020 HighlightsAs a Certified B Corporation, GloryBee is graded by our social and Both of GloryBees facilities remainedenvironmental performance, our public transparency and our legalfree of COVID-19 in 2020!accountability.Our truck fleet never ran empty in Maintaining our B Corp certification2020. We had a massive increase in challenges us to improve our business80 haul-backs, from 200,000 pounds in B IMPACT practices and decision making to continuallySCORE 2019 to 4.5 million pounds in 2020. consider how we are caring for and inspiringThe Average When we made the tough decision to our employees and customers, mitigating ourB Impact Score OUR PEOPLEOUR PEOPLEenvironmental impacts, and being a force forclose our Factory Store, we donated good in our community. all of our retail shelving to BRING Recycling for reuse.When GloryBee first applied for certification in 2015 we scored 88. In 2018 we increasedThe pandemic brought unforeseen our score to 100.8, crossing from theefficiencieswe held our first ever realm of Great into Outstanding. In 2019,drive-thru live bee pick-up event we were recognized as a Changemakerin April. Bee customers neverin the top 20% of B Corps worldwide. InGood Great Outstanding Extraordinary had to get out of their cars!2021 we will be reassessed and are looking0 40 80 120 160 200 We scoredto earn additional points in supply chain2019 97% on ourmanagement. Safe Quality GloryBeeFood audit!Score4GLORYBEE.COM 2020 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT5'