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  1. We gently blend together the caramel-like, slightly salted flavor of grass-fed Pacific Northwest brown butter ghee with the classic sweetness of Pacific Northwest clover blossom honey to bring you this luscious, smooth and absolutely delicious spread...
    Honey Ghee

    (2 sizes)

    From $15.79

  2. Enjoy the taste of honey freshly harvested from the hive! The sweet, delicate flavor and creamy texture of this truly RAW and LOCAL honey come from the nectar of a variety of Oregon flowers. Honeybees forage on blossoms of blackberries, clover, and other
    Raw Oregon Honey

    (2 sizes)

    From $11.59

  3. Royal jelly is a potent, milky, pale yellow, creamy liquid with a strong taste. At room temperatures it has the consistency of pudding. It is produced by nurse honeybees. Queen bees live exclusively on royal jelly, which is thought to account for their in
    GloryBee Organic
    Organic Fresh Royal Jelly

    (5 sizes)

    From $32.99

  4. Aunt Patty's Organic Tamarind Paste can be used in jams and chutneys, as well as in condiments such as ketchups and sauces--Chinese cuisine, Worcestershire, Barbecue, etc. When used as a marinade it adds a brightness that's more exotic and complex than...
    GloryBee Organic
    Organic Tamarind Puree

    (2 sizes)

    From $10.39

A Force for Good

GloryBee strives to be a force for good in our community and our world. Making sustainability a part of all our decisions is a continuous effort to balance profit and purpose, monitoring our actions today in support of a healthy future where bees and people thrive.

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