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  1. Royal jelly is a potent, milky, pale yellow, creamy liquid with a strong taste. At room temperatures it has the consistency of pudding. It is produced by nurse honeybees. Queen bees live exclusively on royal jelly, which is thought to account for their in
    GloryBee Organic
    Organic Fresh Royal Jelly

    (5 sizes)

    From $23.49

  2. GloryBee Smokers to help calm your bees
    Bee Smokers

    (3 sizes)

    From $22.49

  3. GloryBee’s Artisan Fermented Honey vinegar is made in Thailand using traditional methods that trace back to ancient eras. Pure longan honey is placed in ceramic casks to ferment naturally without the addition of artificial colorings or preservatives.
    Artisan Fermented Honey

    (2 sizes)

    From $12.69

  4. Classic Orange Blossom honey, and nothing else. A HoneyStix for honey purists. HoneyStix make a great all-natural treat for lunches, after-school, and outdoor adventures. A sweet, go-anywhere snack! 100 Stix Per Bag. Kosher certified by Orthodox Union.
    Orange Blossom HoneyStix Convenience Packs

    (2 sizes)

    From $3.99

A Force for Good

GloryBee strives to be a force for good in our community and our world. Making sustainability a part of all our decisions is a continuous effort to balance profit and purpose, monitoring our actions today in support of a healthy future where bees and people thrive.

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