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  1. Perfect for rolled candles. Size of each sheet: 8 x 16 3/4 inches. Due to cold weather conditions, beeswax sheets are shipped at your own risk the months of November through March.
    Beeswax Sheets

    (2 sizes)

    From $25.19

  2. Aunt Patty's Organic Tamarind Paste can be used in jams and chutneys, as well as in condiments such as ketchups and sauces--Chinese cuisine, Worcestershire, Barbecue, etc. When used as a marinade it adds a brightness that's more exotic and complex than...
    GloryBee Organic
    Organic Tamarind Puree

    (2 sizes)

    From $10.39

  3. All the tools needed for a hobby beekeeper to harvest their honey (except the extractor)! Kit includes a 6 gallon pail with gate, metal double honey sieve, stainless steel capping scratcher, cold uncapping knife, 5 gallon mesh filter bag and a comb capper
    Honey Harvesting Kit

    Special Price $80.39
  4. Classic clover honey, and nothing else. A HoneyStix for honey purists. HoneyStix make a great all-natural treat for lunches, after-school, and outdoor adventures. A sweet, go-anywhere snack! 100 Stix Per Bag. Kosher certified by Orthodox Union.
    Clover HoneyStix

    (5 sizes)

    From $5.29

A Force for Good

GloryBee strives to be a force for good in our community and our world. Making sustainability a part of all our decisions is a continuous effort to balance profit and purpose, monitoring our actions today in support of a healthy future where bees and people thrive.

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