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Sustainability at GloryBee

GloryBee Sustainability

Healthy Living for a Sustainable Future. Learn about our sustainability efforts.

GloryBee Sustainability

Intentional progress. Transparent results.

GloryBee continues to be focused on minimizing our footprint and maximizing our positive impact on our community and our world.

Our 2018 Sustainability Report is our way of sharing that purpose with you. By tracking key data, we’re able to measure and report these important numbers and continue to drive progress.

Highlights from our 2018 Sustainability Report: People: : Our company is committed to becoming a strengths based organization, focusing collaborating and communicating with all our colleagues by focusing on our strengths. Planet: We reduced total waste to the landfill to a three year low, despite continued growth in the company. B-Corp: We reached a new high score on our B Corp Assessment, and will continue to reach for new heights in our social, environemtnal, and business practices. Read our Sustainability Report

Sustainability By The Numbers

  • 81%

    We were able to divert 81% of our waste from landfills in 2018.

  • -6%

    We reduced our fuel usage in 2018 by 6% while moving 5% more goods when compared to the prior year.

  • 455 Lbs

    To keep our employees caffeinated, we purchased 455lbs of coffee grown by farmers in Mexico, who are becoming beekeepers with our help!

  • 101

    We raised our B-Corp score by 6 points to an all time high of 101.

  • 69 Ideas

    We implemented 69 employee ideas to save the company over $150k .