Honey Usage & Types

About Honey

Honey is a natural sweet substance produced by honey bees. The color, flavor, and aroma of honey differs depending on where the bees foraged for the nectar. Colors range from water white to dark amber and flavors range from mild to bold. Generally, the flavor of light-colored honey is milder and sweeter while the flavor of darker honey is bolder and more robust.

We carry a wide variety of bulk honey. Each variety has its own flavor and color profile as well as functionality benefits. Let us help you decide what will work based on your application and brand objectives.

Honey Varieties





Bakers Dark Amber Honey Dark amber Pleasant, Warm Strong, Rich, Robust
Bakers Light Amber Honey Light amber Pleasant, Warm Rich, Robust
Clover Blend Honey White to light amber Pleasant, Mild Sweet, Herbaceous
Organic Clover Honey Light amber to amber Pleasant, Sweet Florar, Rich
Organic Fair Trade Honey Light amber to amber Pleasant, Warm Sweet, Smokey
Non-GMO Polyfloral Honey   Extra light amber to light amber Pleasant, Sweet Light, Mild
Orange Blossom Honey Extra light amber to light amber Floral, Mild Seet, Fruity, LIght Citrus
Pacific Northwest Blackberry Honey Extra light amber to light amber Pleasant, Warm Sweet, Fruity
Pacific Northwest Clover Blossom Honey White to light amber Plesant, Mild Light, Mild
Organic Tropical Blossom Honey Light amber to amber Bold, Floral Notes Bold, Tropical
White Clover Honey White to light amber Pleasant. Mild Sweet, Herbaceous
Wildflower Honey LIght amber to amber PLeasant, Well-rounded Rich, Earthy
How do you grade Honey?

USDA Grades of Honey

Honey is classified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture into 7 color grades: water white, extra white, white, extra light amber, light amber, amber and dark amber. It is based on millimeters from 0 – 114 with 0 being the lightest and 114 being the darkest.

Color Name

Pfund scale, MM

Water White <9
Extra White 9-17
White 18-34
Extra Light Amber 35-50
Light Amber 51-85
Amber 86-114
Dark Amber >114

The Honey Experts

With nearly 50 years of experience in the honey industry, GloryBee knows honey. With stringent quality control, product consistency, and a commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing, you can trust GloryBee for your honey and ingredient needs.