Research & Development

Your partner in innovation, ingredient application, product development

Leveraging the benefits of a particular ingredient can yield great advantages

Using honey, you can distinguish your recipe from competitors, be first to market with a unique approach, convey clean and planet-friendly messaging to your end consumer, and let the ingredient shine with exceptional flavor.

GloryBee is a leader in clean-label, Organic, and non-GMO ingredients, and – with years of experience in the honey business since 1975 – we know honey. Decades of exploration with ingredients, supply chain efficiencies, and procurement have developed a thorough understanding of what contributes to innovative product development. GloryBee’s R&D team of dedicated food scientists brings years of commercial and industrial product development and commercialization experience that can help your team reach its goals.

Honey R&D Experts

The GloryBee technical team consists of highly trained honey experts with certified honey tasters and experienced application scientists who can assist in selecting the right honey for your products. We have relationships with suppliers and beekeepers all over the globe to source the best quality, 100% pure True Source® Certified honey, including Non-GMO Project Verified and Organic options.

GloryBee invested in customizing a new honey production facility in 2023 in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Oregon; this location boasts proximity to rich agriculture, vineyards, distilleries, craft brewing, grains, and more. Extensive relationships with other companies in the food and beverage industry can avail you of creative problem-solving and product development.

Why GloryBee?

Our Research, Development, and Innovation Team has decades of experience innovating product lines, functionalities, and strategies for technical applications and solutions. More than anything,  we know honey and other ingredients inside out—expertise we use to help you improve your ingredient yields, analyze your combinations, and optimize product outcomes.

Come for a Tour, Stay to Collaborate

We would love to host you and your team to receive a specialized sensory training, tour our facility, review products/application ideas, and discuss innovation opportunities.

Our relationship with you is far more than transactional; GloryBee prides itself on the long-term partnerships we have built across the industry. Our technical team is available to support you from ideation through commercialization and product launch.

Let your Account Manager know you’re interested in exploring some of these value-added benefits, and we can get on the phone for a consultation, schedule a visit, or work virtually to help you deliver an improved product or a new concept altogether.

The Honey Experts

With nearly 50 years of experience in the honey industry, GloryBee knows honey. With stringent quality control, product consistency, and a commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing, you can trust GloryBee for your honey and ingredient needs.