Beekeeping 101

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So you’d like to become a beekeeper? We’ve put together a series of lessons to help get you started keeping bees.

The tradition of keeping bees, teaching beekeeping and enjoying the late summer honey harvest is both a family tradition and an important part of our company. We invite you to share in this tradition – let us help you get started with your first hive, some essential beekeeping tools, protective clothing, or additional beekeeping resources.

In addition, this Beekeeping Calendar gives a great overview of what is happening in the hive at all times of the year.

Beekeeping 101 - Working the HiveAbout Bees

Lesson 1: The History of Beekeeping

Lesson 2: The Anatomy of a Bee

Lesson 3: The Brood Rearing Process

Lesson 4: Queen, Worker and Drone Behavior

Lesson 5: Races of Bees

How to Keep Bees

Lesson 6: Nectar and Pollen Plants of the Pacific Northwest

Lesson 7: Beekeeping Equipment and Hive Assembly

Lesson 8: Selecting the Apiary Site

Lesson 9: Packaged Bees and How To Care For Them

Lesson 10: How to Manage Bees

Swarming, Extracting, and other Common Beekeeping Issues

Lesson 11: Swarming: Causes and Control

Lesson 12: How to Hive A Swarm

Lesson 13: Extracting the Honey Crop

Lesson 14: Wintering the Hive

Lesson 15: Colony Treatment for Bee Disease and Mite Control