Quality Assurance

Best-in-class Quality Assurance

GloryBee’s commitment to a strong food safety culture stems from a belief that prevention is better than recovery – or let’s get it right from the start. After nearly 50 years in the honey business, we know honey and natural ingredients. Being proactive in the Quality Assurance world translates to rigorous on-going testing, certification and safety compliance, and deep expertise within our QA Team. Our team of Product Engineers, QA Technicians, Document Control Specialists, and Food Safety Practitioners, creates a long-term partnership where you benefit from their extensive certification and audit experience; they’re also HACCP or PCQI certified; not just one team member, but all of them.


A true commitment to clean, pure, quality ingredients begins at the source - with the co-op, the farmer, or the beekeeper. Part of the reason we performed so well through the pandemic is that we had already established rigorous supply chain requirements, including our Responsible Sourcing Code; these are the minimum standards all GloryBee suppliers are expected to adhere to and include:

1) Business Integrity

2) Labor Practices & Human Rights

3) Health, Safety & Environmental Sustainability

4) Reporting Potential Violations

5) Regulatory Compliance & Product Responsibility.

When GloryBee selects a supplier in our supply chain, we’re investing in more than a transaction, we are building a relationship that represents our reputation and success in the market. The fact that we are founded and run by beekeepers ensures that we take great pride in understanding the full story of the products we sell – where do they come from? Is the source compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices? Do they use any antibiotics to treat their bees? Are they good bee keepers or farmers? What’s the pollen count of the honey? What varietal is the honey? What’s the percentage of moisture in the product? It’s a comprehensive approach 

Meet Julie

“QA is often referred to as the necessary evil, but without our team maintaining strict compliance with best practices and an up-to-date knowledge base, we couldn’t stand behind our products with the same level of guarantee that GloryBee is known for. Anything less than the extra mile just isn’t a risk we’re willing to take – for ourselves or for our customers.
- Julie Willoughby, QA Manager, SQF Practitioner, PCQI, FSVP QI

GloryBee’s products undergo a broad variety of testing to ensure what we sell is pure, ethically sourced, and correctly labeled and identified. This ensures that our products meet the necessary legal requirements, are safe for consumption and taste great!


In addition to our own internal audits and monthly inspections, GloryBee also conducts regular audits with certifying partners like SQF, True Source, Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and OU Kosher. Our ability to collaborate with external accredited laboratories for independent verification promises a consistency to our products and process that we have become known for. 

 What sets us apart?

GloryBee Testing

At GloryBee, the testing is non-stop. From our perspective, multiple tests inform a complete picture. Honey is a target for economically motivated adulteration with cheap sugar syrup and additives that mimic the flavor and feel of honey but aren’t nature’s pure sweetener. It’s critical to ensure the honey we source and sell is 100% pure and unadulterated. GloryBee only sources the highest quality honey to meet your needs. Once we receive that honey, the testing begins.


Food Fraud Requriement

True Source Requirement

GloryBee Requirement

Pollen Analysis  
Purity Test
Adulteration Test A    
Adulteration Test B    
Adulteration Test C  
Trade Analysis Test A    
Trade Analysis Test B    

The Bottom Line

Our team at GloryBee is passionate about the quality of our products and stands behind our claims with proof. Our relationship with customers goes well beyond transactional, we are a guide, a resource, even a sounding board! We’re not just here for ourselves, but we’re here to contribute to a richer landscape and deliver exceptional honey products that consumers can trust.