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Bees pollinate 1 out of every 3 bites of food you eat.
Bees are in danger. Help GloryBee SAVE the BEE.

GloryBee SAVE the BEE

Why Should We SAVE the BEE?

Honey bees are the only insect intricately tied to our food supply. One-third of our diet is currently derived from plants that require pollination, and in the US, honey bees are responsible for 80% of agricultural pollination! Without the services of honey bees, there would be no almonds or many of the other healthy fruits and vegetables we take for granted. The widespread loss of honey bees in the last decade has been linked to pervasive pesticide use, parasites, loss of foraging habitat and poor nutrition. With annual population losses averaging 40% nationwide, action is needed now more than ever.

SAVE the BEE is inspiring positive change to ensure the future of honey bees.

Led by GloryBee, the SAVE the BEE Initiative is a partnership of researchers, beekeepers, businesses and consumers committed to protecting honey bee health by:

Increasing awareness of the role honey bees play in a healthy food supply Funding scientific research on the causes of declining bee populations and on solutions to enhance colony health Providing “best practices” education for farmers, gardeners and beekeepers Help us save the bee

By The Numbers

  • 1 out of 3

    One third of the food you eat is pollinated by bees.

  • 38%

    Beekeepers have lost an average of 38% of their hives each winter since 2010.

  • $598,700

    Dollars SAVE the BEE has raised to support research and education.

  • $5 Million

    Annual savings to commercial beekeepers in Oregon after implementing management practices recommended by OSU research team.

  • 100%

    GloryBee staff administer SAVE the BEE, meaning 100% of funds raised go directly to the cause.

Imagine a world without honey bees

A world without bees would be devastating to our food system.

Learn how important bees are to your favorite foods.

Watch below or use this link to share.

Bee Friendly to Pollinators

  • Plant

    Plant pollinator friendly flowers that bloom in different seasons.

  • Buy

    Support regenerative agriculture, buy from organic farms and nurseries.

  • Avoid

    Avoid using harmful pesticides on your lawn or in your garden. Alternatives exist!

  • Buy Local

    Support local beekeepers!

  • Keep Bees

    Become a beekeeper, or provide homes for native pollinators.

Our Partners

  • Franz

    Franz has been baking world-class bread for more than 100 years and partners with GloryBee to create SAVE the BEE Honey Wheat Bread.

    Visit Franz
  • Three Sisters
    Three Sisters

    Three Sisters is the line of natural and organic granolas in the Post family. Look for SAVE the BEE on Sweet Home Farm Granolas.

    Visit Three Sisters
  • Wild Friends
    Wild Friends

    Wild Friends makes delicious Nut and Seed butters and donates a portion of their proceeds each year to SAVE the BEE.

    Visit Wild Friends
  • Little Northern Bakehouse
    Little Northern Bakehouse

    Baking gluten-free goodness and great taste into every loaf, and giving 1% of sales from their Sprouted Honey Oat Bread to SAVE the BEE.

    Visit Little Northern Bakehouse
  • Back to Nature
    Back to Nature

    Back to Nature has been creating delicious and flavorful recipes inspired by Nature. We carefully select our ingredients to create great-tasting products that you can enjoy all day long.

    Visit Back to Nature
  • Pacific Resources International
    Pacific Resources International

    Pacific Resources International was the first US importer of Manuka Honey from New Zealand, and PRI’s honey now proudly sports our SAVE the BEE logo.

    Visit Pacific Resources International
  • Alden’s Organic
    Alden’s Organic

    Alden’s believes organic is for everyone, and they make ice cream that sparks a good time (in pints, bars and sandwiches).

    Visit Alden’s Organic
  • iggy's

    Iggy's Alive & Cultured brews naturally fermented Kvass and Honeybrew Kombucha...

    Visit iggy's
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers
    Mary’s Gone Crackers

    Plant-based seedy goodness in every crunchy bite, Mary’s Gone Crackers is leading the way in gluten-free organic snacks.

    Visit Mary’s Gone Crackers
  • Grizzlies Brand
    Grizzlies Brand

    Wildtime Foods was founded in 1981 when we started delivering our handmade Grizzlies Granolas around Eugene by bicycle...

    Visit Grizzlies
  • Hot Mama's Wings
    Hot Mama's Wings

    Hot Mama's Wings is a from-scratch kitchen focused on fresh, high-quality ingredients.

    Visit Hot Mama's Wings
  • Bakery Nouveau
    Bakery Nouveau

    Bakery Nouveau is a feast for the senses. Blocks away, the aroma of fresh baked goods tantalize the nose. Take a bite of anything, and you’ll see why...

    Visit Bakery Nouveau
  • Bob's Red Mill
    Bob's Red Mill

    For over three decades, Bob has been committed to providing people everywhere with the best quality foods available.

    Visit Bob's Red Mill
  • Oakshire Brewing
    Oakshire Brewing

    Oakshire Brewing is a small batch brewing company that partners with GloryBee to bring you SAVE the BEE Farmhouse Ale.

    Visit Oakshire Brewing
  • Cupcake Royale
    Cupcake Royale

    Cupcake Royale is Seattle's first Cupcake Bakery and offers delicious made-from-scratch cupcakes with natural, fresh and local ingredients.

    Visit Cupcake Royale
  • Market of Choice
    Market of Choice

    Market of Choice offers an extensive selection of natural, organic, conventional and local products at affordable prices.

    Visit Market of Choice
  • Marlene's Market & Deli
    Marlene's Market & Deli

    Marlene’s Market & Deli works to inspire healthy and positive lifestyles for each generation by creating a welcoming environment...

    Visit Marlene's Market & Deli
  • Town & Country
    Town & Country

    Town and Country Supermarket supports its local community with fresh foods and donates a portion of select bulk bin sales to SAVE the BEE.

    Visit Town & Country
  • Three Bears Alaska, Inc
    Three Bears Alaska, Inc

    Three Bears Alaska is a family owned and operated Alaskan grocery store with so much more. We offer a full line of groceries, fresh meat, fresh produce, health and beauty aids, pharmacy department, and more

    Visit Three Bears Alaska, Inc
  • Sunny Farms Country Store
    Sunny Farms Country Store

    Sunny Farms Country Store is a locally owned, family market where you can buy mouth watering produce, natural groceries, juicy meat and fresh seafood, and more.

    Visit Sunny Farms Country Store
  • Pane d'Amore
    Pane d'Amore

    Feeding people the very best product we can make using the very best ingredients we can find at home, in the state and around the world never loses it's appeal. We continually strive for a better...

    Visit Pane d'Amore
  • Hot Cakes
    Hot Cakes

    Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery crafts organic, classic American comfort desserts and other original and innovative confections.

    Visit Hot Cakes
  • Huney Jun Kombucha
    Huney Jun Kombucha

    Huney Jun’s herb infused kombucha is made with honey and green tea, 100% raw & probiotic. SAVE the BEE is one of their 1%for the Planet recipients!

    Visit Huney Jun
  • Sokol Blosser Winery
    Sokol Blosser Winery

    Sokol Blosser creates wines of world class quality that are produced sustainably, mindful of the environment, and that express the distinctive flavors of the Oregon hillside vineyards.

    Visit Sokol Blosser Winery
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery
    Hopworks Urban Brewery

    We focus on making world-class beer and food with practices that drive quality, protect the environment, and improve the community we live in...

    Visit Hopworks Urban Brewery
  • Bi-Mart

    Bi-Mart has been a part of the Northwest for over 60 years. Bi-Mart members shop at Bi-Mart because their stores are convenient, easy to...

    Visit Bi-Mart
  • Umpqua Bank
    Umpqua Bank

    Umpqua Bank is a community-focused bank that cares about the planet and generously sponsors the SAVE the BEE 5K Fun Run.

    Visit Umpqua Bank
  • SnoTemp

    SnoTemp Cold Storage is a family owned and operated temperature controlled public warehousing company with two centrally...

    Visit SnoTemp
  • Hub International
    Hub International

    HUB International Limited is an insurance brokerage providing an array of property, casualty, risk management, life and health...

    Visit Hub International
  • Lane County Economic Development
    Lane County Economic Development

    Many thanks to Lane County Economic development for helping to support our SAVE the BEE 5k...

    Visit LCED
  • Springfield Creamery
    Springfield Creamery

    From fresh milk to cultured goodness, it all happens under the roof of the family creamery—owned and operated by the Keseys, going on three generations. Take a...

    Visit Springfield Creamery
  • Coconut Bliss
    Coconut Bliss

    Coconut Bliss joyfully freezes coconut milk into ice cream and generously donates to SAVE the BEE at their annual “Night of Bliss” Event.

    Visit Coconut Bliss
  • Organically Grown Company
    Organically Grown Company

    OGC is the largest distributor of organic produce in the PNW and is a proud sponsor of the SAVE the BEE 5K.

    Visit Organically Grown
  • Cosmos Creations
    Cosmos Creations

    Cosmos Creations is slowing things down. They’ve made the commitment and investment to use only all natural ingredients to create a snack food with a premium, indulgent, artisan taste.

    Visit Cosmos Creations
  • 34 Strong
    34 Strong

    34 Strong helps you focus on what is right and strong about your staff. The CORE 34 program will turn your organization into...

    Visit 34 Strong
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