About GloryBee



  • In The Beginning

    Dick Turanski Beekeeping in 1975
    Since our humble beginnings in 1975, we have been dedicated to bringing our customers the highest quality ingredients possible. Though we are no longer operating from our family garage as we were in those days, our commitment to serving our customers remains the same. Now in our second generation of leadership, our family-owned and operated business strives to be the preferred partner of high-quality natural and organic ingredients in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, while using our business as a force for good. 
  • Our Mission

    GloryBee is built upon a foundation consisting of a belief in God and educating people about healthy living. Our mission is to provide high quality, ethically sourced ingredients that nourish people and the planet. Our unique relationship with you is why we exist.
  • Our Vision

    A healthy world where bees and people thrive. 
  • Our Natural Foods Industry History

    With over 45 years of experience in the natural foods industry, we have been supplying natural and organic ingredients to Pacific Northwest natural food manufacturers, bakeries, and shops for decades. It’s likely that you’ve enjoyed our ingredients in your favorite natural and organic prepared foods and restaurant meals! You may even have a jar of our honey, coconut oil or natural sweetener in your pantry at home. GloryBee's Office in the late 1970's and GloryBee's Office Today
  • To A Healthy Future

    GloryBee is committed to providing ingredients for a healthy, natural life. We pledge to never compromise the quality of our ingredients, and we don’t stop there! We are also committed to the health of our planet through our SAVE the BEE initiative.
  • We are B Corp Certified™

    It's vitally important to us that GloryBee is a force for good. As a certified B Corporation, we are keeping ourselves accountable towards our goal of being a leader in sustainability and healthy living. Learn more here.

    GloryBee truck in the 1970's and a GloryBee Truck today
  • 1974

    With a dream of providing natural, healthy ingredient and supplies to their community Dick & Pat Turanski consider starting a business selling honey and beekeeping supplies.

  • 1977

    GloryBee outgrows the “home business” and moves out of Dick & Pat’s garage and into a building on Arrowsmith Street. Adding space for inventory and also allows GloryBee to send out the first mail order catalog.

  • 1983

    Pat Turanski, known for her passion for cooking, baking and experimenting with natural ingredients, inspires the Aunt Patty’s brand, and launches with Blackstrap Molasses.

    Dick sells his bees, which had grown to over 300 hives to focus on GloryBee full time.

  • 1986

    Constantly experimenting with new products, Dick adds flavoring to his honey and creates the five original flavored HoneyStix – peppermint, lemon, lime, cinnamon and licorice.

  • 1992

    The second generation is added to GloryBee as RaeJean Wilson, daughter of Dick & Pat, joins the sales team. This same year GloryBee expands, adding 3000 square feet and a maintenance shop.

  • 1999

    To better serve customers in Washington, Alan Turanski, son of Dick & Pat, becomes the first Washington outside sales rep.

  • 2000

    GloryBee’s passion for natural ingredients and the drive to fully serve its customers is solidified into its mission statement. Business continues to grow and 12,500 sq. ft. is added to the production facility.

  • 2011

    The Aunt Patty’s brand receives a refreshing update with completely new brand mark.

    To better increase efficiencies, GloryBee consolidates numerous facilities into the new Distribution Center and new home of the Factory Store on Airport Road.

  • 2012

    GloryBee establishes SAVE the BEE ®, a nonprofit dedicated to raising funds for honey bee research, education and awareness. 

  • 2014

    GloryBee rebrands its company brand mark and affiliated products to better reflect the roots of the family-owned and operated company.

  • 2016

    GloryBee becomes B-Corp Certified. This certification allows us to rigorously track and improve our social and environmental performance. Click here to learn more.

  • 2019

    GloryBee’s line of retail natural baking ingredients, formerly known as Aunt Patty’s, are consolidated under the GloryBee brand.