Assembled HoneyStix Printed Display

Size: 1 Each



Build your own display by ordering your top 10 flavors!

10-Flavor HoneyStix Display holds approximately 1,000 stix, 100 stix of 10 different flavors.  Order this empty display box (labels included) and then order your top 10 favorite flavors of HoneyStix to create your own custom display. Comes with a sheet of 30 oval-shaped individual flavor labels.  One label of each flavor included.  

Great for grocery stores, farmers markets or even at home for a quick and healthy snack.

Each display measures 8" tall x 10" wide x 6.75" deep.

How to eat HoneyStixHow to eat HoneyStix

How do I eat HoneyStix you ask? There are many ways to open HoneyStix, but this is our favorite:

  1. Hold one end of the Straw.
  2. Bite or pinch the seam.
  3. The end will pop open!
  4. Slide your thumb and forefinger from the bottom end of the straw toward your mouth to push out the sweet nectar inside.

Always Authentic & Ethically Sourced

With almost 50 years of experience in the honey industry, GloryBee knows honey. Honey is more than a sugar source and sweetener; it is a highly complex all-natural ingredient with a unique story. Honey is the clean-label sweetener highly trending as an ingredient across many product categories including baked goods, dressings & sauces, cocktails, snacks, bars, and more.

About GloryBee

For nearly 50 years we've worked with the top beekeepers and ingredient suppliers across the globe to create a resilient supply chain of the highest quality honey and ingredients in the world.