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Beehive Supers for Sale

Honey supers are an essential piece of the beekeeping system. Without them, there is no place for the bees to store their honey. At GloryBee, we have a variety of beehive supers for sale. Our options include queen excluders, pre-assembled supers, moving and robbing screens, and much more. If you are looking for a super that makes your life easier, we suggest the queen excluder. We design this model to keep honey bees separate from the queen and the broods. This is helpful since you know exactly which parts of the hive have honey. It also makes locating and observing the queen easier. For a model that you don’t have to build yourself, opt for the pre-assembled options. Browse our beehive supers for sale. More about GloryBee Beekeeping

Supers & Components

  1. The screen can be left on while the adjustable doors allow the bees to exit the hive when ready. At the end of the season when robbing is prevalent you can eliminate robbing by putting the screen on your hives and opening the top exit above the aluminum c

    10 Frame Moving and Robbing Screen

    Special Price $17.99
    Save up to $6.00 (25.01%)
  2. These 10-frame telescoping tops are truly one-of-a-kind. We don't think you'll find anything else quite like them. The frame is made out of premium kiln-dried solid 100%, Western Cedar. Using cedar components in your beehive provides many advantages. Not

    Assembled Cedar Telescoping 10-frame Hive Top

    Special Price $40.99
    Save up to $13.60 (24.91%)
  3. This copper peaked roof keeps water off of your hive and your bees safe from the elements. Fits standard 10 frame hives.

    Copper Peaked Roof

    Special Price $62.99
    Save up to $21.00 (25%)
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