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  1. Wooden frames with wired foundation is the preferred combination of frames & foundation for traditional beekeepers. However, due to how time-consuming and laborious it can be to install and wire 100% beeswax foundation onto wooden frames, th

    Pre-wired Wood Frames 9 1/8"

  2. This frame hammer is the perfect size and weight to tap in small fame nails without damaging the wooden frames.

    Frame Hammer

    Special Price $3.59
    Save up to $0.60 (14.32%)
  3. Queen Cell Bar Frame, 9 5/8"

    Queen Cell Bar Frame, 9 1/8"

    Special Price $9.49
    Save up to $1.60 (14.43%)
    Out of stock
  4. Use this handy forming board to quickly and easily embed wires for your wired foundation. It also provides a sturdy surface to install foundation in your frames.

To use simply lay the frame with wired foundation and wire onto the forming board and use

    Forming Board

    Special Price $13.49
    Save up to $2.30 (14.57%)
  5. Wedged frames are great for any foundation, but work best with wired foundation.

    Wood Wedged Top Bar frames and parts

    (7 sizes)

    $15.79 - $125.99

    Save up to $10.40 (15.01%)
  6. Grooved frames are good for Unwired foundation, or Duragilt. Not for use with Wired foundation.

    Wood Grooved Top Bar Frames and Parts

    (8 sizes)

    $13.49 - $58.89

    Save up to $10.40 (15.01%)
  7. 9 1/8" commercial grade wooden end bar for frames. 200 per case. End bars only (no nails included).

    Wood End Bar 9 1/8"

  8. Commercial grade. Works with all top and bottom bars. Case of 200.

    Wood End Bar 6 1/4"

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