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  1. Plastic 2 Frame Extractor, Hand Crank, Perfect for the Hobby Beekeeper Who Only Has One or Two Hives. Will extract 2 deep frames at one time.

    Plastic 2 Frame Extractor

    Out of stock
  2. White plastic pail with handle. Discounts on 50 or more - call for details.

    White Plastic Pails and Lids

    (8 sizes)

    $1.59 - $7.99

  3. 99.9% pure l-form menthol crystal pellets. Bulk menthol

    Mite-a-thol Pellets

    (3 sizes)

    Save up to $1.57 (24.96%)
  4. Expeller pressed. A very good ingredient to add for extra conditioning. Provides a stable lather when added to soap. Food Grade.

    Expeller Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

    (1 size)

  5. The jojoba plant is a shrub that is native to the desert areas of California, Arizona, and Mexico. The hard seed is pressed to make the oil, which is more similar to natural skin oils than other vegetable oils. The oil is generally not intended for food u

    Expeller Pressed Jojoba Oil

    (1 size)

    Save up to $66.40 (40%)
  6. Food grade, expeller pressed. Provides skin softening properties. Works well for sensitive skin. Non greasy.

    Expeller Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil

    (1 size)

  7. D-Alpha Acetate. The most natural form of vitamin E available. Provides anti-oxident properties to soaps and cosmetics. It is also said that it can help prevent skin wrinkles and scarring.

    Vitamin E Oil

    (1 size)

  8. Bleached, imported beeswax. A high quality wax with a beautiful ivory color. Filtered and ready to melt. Perfect for making candles or ornaments. Contains 8% paraffin. Non-cosmetic grade. Price listed is per pound.

    Bleached Imported Beeswax Blend

    Special Price $8.99
    Save up to $1.00 (10.01%)
    Out of stock
  9. Each capsule provides the equivalent of 1000mg fresh royal jelly, 100mg bee pollen, and 100mg propolis. Also contains carob powder and rice powder in a vegetarian capsule. 

Supplement Values:
Concentrated royal jelly - 285mg physical (Equivalent to 10

    Vegetarian Hive Power Capsules

    (3 sizes)

    $23.99 - $149.99

  10. Aunt Patty's organic apple cider vinegar is mild flavored and excellent for use in cooking, pickling recipes, and as a disinfectant.
    Aunt Patty's Organic

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Out of stock
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