GloryBee Bath and Body

GloryBee SoapHere at GloryBee we take healthy living seriously, which is why we encourage our community to create their own hand-made body care products and skip the synthetic preservatives and harsh additives found in many commercially-produced soaps and lotions. To that end, we have sourced all-natural ingredients and supplies to help our customers make skincare products the old-fashioned way. We’re confident that you and your family will notice (and love) the difference!


Traditional soap-making was a long process combining tallow (animal fat) with lye to create a solid, saponified bar with a low pH. Modern soap-making is faster and allows for more creativity, but the chemistry behind the process remains the same. GloryBee carries a wide selection of sustainably-sourced base oils, and carrier oils, and natural additives so you can customize your soap recipe, as well as the tools and resources you’ll need to become an expert in the art of soap-making. For those who want a good bar of soap with less time commitment, we also offer high-quality, natural melt-and-pour soap bases. Simply melt the pre-made bases, add any desired colorants, essential oils, or exfoliants, and allow to cool in the mold of your choice. Great for kids and adults alike!

Lotions, Salves, and Balms

GloryBee Lotions, salves, balmsMost moisturizers are simply an emulsion of fat-based ingredients (such as oils and waxes) and moisturizing water-based ingredients (such as a hydrosol or aloe vera juice). The end result combines the protective properties of the fats with the emollient properties of the other liquids to improve skin condition and appearance. At GloryBee you can find all the ingredients, supplies and packaging you need to make all-natural lip balms, lotions, salves, bath bombs, bath salts, and more.

Check out our Bath and Body blog for ideas and recipes. Your skin will thank you!