Bee Weekend 2016

Bee Weekend 2016
  • Thank you!

    A HUGE thank you to our local community for making Bee Weekend 2016 a success!

    We had a great time talking with local beekeeping veterans as well as all of the new recruits! Whether you started beekeeping for the honey, the pollination or just as a hobby, it was great to meet everybody and share our love of beekeeping.

    If you have any questions regarding your bees, the book Beekeeping 101 is a great resource. Our store has a selection of informative books that will help answer most any question. If you need some immediate help, the Lane County Beekeepers Association is a great resource that you should utilize. Also if you’re not a member yet, now is a great time to join!

    Thank you again for making Bee Weekend a huge success. We will see you in 2017!

Bee Weekend 2016 Statistics:
  • Number of Bee Attendees:


  • Number of Queen Bee Attendees:


  • Number of Human Attendees:

    Nearly 1,400

  • Number of Hive Intallation Demos