Casa Apis Honey

Casa Apais Honey Map

About the Region

In this semi-arid region plagued by droughts, agriculture is still the main source of family income. But the inability to sustain family livelihoods through agriculture causes many people to migrate to large cities. Local residents suffer the most during the hot and dry summers. Several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local universities have identified beekeeping as an opportunity to improve life standards in this area.

Why GloryBee and Fair Trade
GloryBee Foods supports the people of the Casa Apis cooperative and their nearby communities by purchasing their honey at fair prices. GloryBee’s partnership with these beekeepers is one way we can contribute to supporting sustainable agriculture and fair labor practices around the globe. By purchasing this jar of honey, you are helping support our mission to promote healthy living and sustainability worldwide and providing hope to the Casa Apis people.

About the Beekeeping Cooperative
The Casa Apis Cooperative was founded in 2005. Since then, a myriad of beekeepers have become members of the cooperative. They are hardworking and resourceful people who use their limited resources within their environment to create a sustainable industry. The profits from the sale of the honey provide income to families and help to fund improvement projects such as drilling for much-needed water wells. The money from beekeeping circulates locally and creates opportunities for the entire community.