What is Propolis?

GloryBee PropolisBees create propolis, a natural resin, from the buds of conifer and poplar trees, beeswax, and other bee secretions. Bees use the propolis to coat many surfaces of the hive and fill small gaps, keeping out parasites and other threats to the health of the colony.

Propolis Nutrition

  • 7.5-35% waxes, 10% volatile oils, 3-10% fatty acids, 4-19% other compounds, minerals and vitamins
  • Over 80 different compounds, minerals and vitamins
  • Contains B1, B2, B6, C, and E vitamins
  • Contains Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Calcium and Copper

Quality Measured

Our propolis must pass very high quality assurance tests before we sell it to you and you can be assured of its quality. Lead content can be high in propolis depending on location of the bee hives. It should not have more than 10 parts per million and flavonoids should be at least 5%.

Propolis Storing and Care

Room temperature away from direct sunlight.