Natural Sweeteners
Aunt Patty’s got a sweet tooth, but she doesn’t use just any ordinary sweetener for her tasty treats. Aunt Patty’s natural sweeteners are sure to hit the sweat spot for all your baking needs. Pick from one of our four types of natural sweetener; agave, molasses, dry sweeteners, and liquid sweeteners. Most of our natural sweeteners are non-GMO and we also have certified organic sweeteners. In a variety of sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect organic sweetener for your baking needs.More about Aunt Patty's

Natural Sweeteners

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  1. Certified organic agave syrup in an easy to use 12.5 oz bottle. This all natural sweetener taste great right out of the bottle and can be used to sweeten drinks or in baking.
    GloryBee Organic

    Organic Raw Light Wild Salmiana Agave Syrup

    (2 sizes)

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