Queen Grafting Tool

Size: 1 Each EA



If you are going to try your hand at queen grafting, this is a “must-have” tool! It is the #1 top selling queen grafting tool on the market and is the preferred grafting tool used by commercial queen breeders. You will also find that ours is one of the least expensive ones on the market. This is also known as a "Chinese-style" queen grafting tool.

A queen grafting tool is used to remove bee larvae and royal jelly from a cell within a hive and to transfer the larvae/royal jelly to a queen cell cup for queen rearing. This particular style of grafting tool is much easier and faster to use than the metal hook-type tools. With hook-type tools, you have to scoop the larvae up which means being able to see it without squishing it. This is a very difficult task because larvae are very hard to see with the naked eye. With our queen grafting tool, you can just barely touch the larvae without needing to see it until it is brought out of the cell. It works very similarly to a retractable ball point pen. It has a plastic, non-slip middle section with a plastic push button spring loaded at the top. The “tongue” of the tool is made from a small, very thin and flexible piece of plastic. This tongue is the part that scoops up the larvae and royal jelly. Once the larvae is on the tongue, push the button on the top and the larvae and royal jelly will slide off the tip and into your queen cell cup. The tool is red so that it can be easily seen if dropped or misplaced in the bee yard. It also comes with a cap to use on the tongue end when not in use.

Each tool measures 4.5" long.

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