Soaping Equipment

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  1. Small white polystyrene spatula, 2-1/2" long. Not for use with hot liquids. A nice small spatula for using in sample containers of lotions and hand creams.

    Small White Spatula

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  2. Soap slicer - features measuring guide on heavy-duty stainless steel with non-slip ergonomic handle.

    Soap Slicer

    Special Price $4.79
    Save up to $3.20 (40.05%)
  3. A durable plastic pump with a 38mm cap that fits on most 1 gallon containers for easy dispensing of liquid ingredients. 17" dip tube; pumps 1 fl. Oz. per stroke.

    Container Pump 1 Gallon

    Special Price $3.17
    Save up to $2.12 (40.08%)
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