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Aunt Patty's

Sweet Barbados Molasses Unsulphured

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Aunt Patty's

Sweet Barbados Molasses Unsulphured

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Our unsulphured Sweet Barbados Molasses provides a moist, rich flavor to baked goods such as cookies and breads and is commonly used in BBQ sauces and marinades. It is known to make cookies softer and breads crustier. Molasses can be substituted for table sugar in any recipe.

To sub, use 1 1/3 cups molasses for each cup of sugar and reduce the amount of other liquids in the recipe by 1/3 cup.

How is molasses made?

Sugar cane used for molasses

Our unsulphured Sweet Barbados Molasses is produced from pure, mature sugar cane. Unsulphured means that the cane has been allowed to ripen naturally in the field. A sulphured molasses, on the other hand, is made from young sugar cane that requires the addition of sulphur dioxide to keep it fresh. The cane is harvested and then crushed into a juice. The juice is then concentrated through a boiling process which promotes sugar crystallization.

There are several different varieties of molasses depending on whether it is from the first boiling, second boiling or third boiling. Also known as light molasses or mild molasses, the sweet Barbados variety is made from the first boiling which has the highest sugar content. Since no sugar has been extracted yet, it is milder and lighter than other varieties of molasses.