Assembled 8-Frame Cedar Inner Cover

Size: 1 Each
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Our 100% western cedar 8-frame inner covers are made out of premium wood sourced from North America. We kiln dry the wood used for this inner cover to ensure consistent moisture while minimizing warping and cracking.

There are many advantages of using cedar for your beehive components.  Not only does cedar have an exceptional strength for weight bearing and contain natural tannins that protect against rotting and decay, but more importantly it is extremely sustainable.  If cared for properly, cedar hive components can last for decades which means less use of other natural resources. Even though they cost a little more than standard pine and masonite inner covers, you’ll save money in the long run since they won't need to be replaced as often.   

We recommend using this inner cover in combination with our 8-Frame Assembled Cedar Telescoping Top.  An inner cover provides extra protection for your bees during rainy, cold weather.  It also provides your bees the appropriate working space by preventing them from attaching honeycomb and propolis to the hive cover.  Additionally, the hole drilled in the middle of the inner cover allows for moisture to escape and fresh air to circulate throughout your hive.

Unlike other softwood inner covers, cedar can be left unpainted to weather naturally over time which will eventually turn them into a grey patina color.  Alternatively, they can be sealed with a coat of pure Tung oil.  They come completely assembled and ready-to-use.  They measure 14" wide x 19 7/8" long x 1" tall and fit on 8-frame hives.