8-Frame Cedar Screened Bottom Board Assembled

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These 8-frame screened bottom boards are made out of premium kiln-dried 3/4" western cedar. Kiln drying ensures consistent moisture levels in cedar which minimizes warping and cracking. Cedar contains natural tannins that protect against decay and rot so this screened bottom should last you for many seasons. In addition, we source this cedar from sustainably harvested forests in North America and manufacture this cedar screened bottom board in the USA. 

If cared for properly, cedar hive components can last for decades which means less use of other natural resources. Even though they cost a little more than standard pine screened bottom boards, You’ll save money in the long run as you won’t need to replace as often.

A screened bottom board is an integral part of beekeeping pest management or "IPM".  IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management and emphasizes the growth of a healthy hive with the least possible disruption to the agro-ecosystem.

When it comes to beekeeping, the pests that are of most concern are Varroa mites.  They are known to be one of the many contributors to colony collapse disorder (CCD).  Using our cedar screened bottom board in combination with the included mite-check board can reduce the need for chemical control, although we still recommend treating for mites.

This clever bottom board works using the mites own movements against them. As the bees move through the hive, the mites drop from the bees onto the board below.  Once the Varroa falls from the bees and land on the board, they can no longer travel back up and attach themselves to the bees thanks to the screen.  There will always be some amount of Varroa within every hive, however, the goal in IPM is to reduce the population of Varroa down to a level where the hive can survive with minimal medication. 

Our cedar screened bottom board also helps with brood production and creates better airflow and ventilation in the hive.  This helps during the rainy season and during cooler weather when condensation tends to build up in the hive. It also helps during the warmer, honey flow season by regulating the hive temperature.  
Our cedar 8-frame screened bottom boards are precision crafted and feature a rust-free aluminum screen.  Unlike other softwood hive components, cedar can be left unpainted to weather naturally over time which will eventually turn them into a beautiful grey patina color.  Alternatively, they can be sealed with a coat of pure Tung oil to preserve their natural reddish color.  

Each screened bottom board comes completely assembled and includes a white corrugated plastic mite-check board.  They measure 14" wide x 22 1/2" long x 2 1/4" tall and fit on an 8-frame hive.  

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