When you sweeten a cup of coffee or tea, you want to do so in as healthy a way as possible. However, with the vast majority of artificial sweeteners promising health benefits over more natural options, it’s easy to confuse the healthiest choice. These are some points that help explain why natural sweeteners are better than artificial ones.

Artificial Can Make You Crave More

Some artificial sweeteners obtain their flavor profile through a mixture of chemicals while offering little to no nutritional benefits. With this in mind, artificial sweeteners tend to be sweeter in lower concentrations than sugar but can be provided in the same amount in individual packets. This results in people who consume artificial sweeteners perceiving foods sweetened with natural sugars as less sweet, sometimes causing them to sweeten it further. 

Natural Sweeteners Don’t Use Chemicals

Natural sweeteners are exactly as they sound—natural. Because of this, any substance in a natural sweetener is a result of the processes of nature coming together to create it. With that in mind, companies that buy bulk honey or other natural sweeteners can often claim slight nutritional benefits.

Easier To Metabolize Natural Sweeteners

Since natural sweeteners are not unnaturally created via chemical mixtures, it can be easier for your body to digest and incorporate them into its usual functions. Some even claim that artificial sweeteners run the risk of unnaturally interacting with your body in unpredictable ways.

Keeping your body healthy is best done by consuming natural foods that do not result from artificial processes. By considering why natural sweeteners are better than artificial ones, you can make better choices for your health. Hopefully, better and healthier wellbeing awaits you as you carefully select the ingredients you use in your foods and drinks.