Papercore Wicking

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To obtain optimal burn performance in your candles, it is very important to not only use a high quality wick but also to make sure it is the right type and size for the candles you are making.  We have been working with our wicking supplier for over 15 years to ensure that we provide you with a variety of different wicking as well as to make sure it is of the highest quality possible.  Our paper core wicking is made of 100% natural fibers and the paper core provides for increased rigidity so that it stands up in wax that has pooled around the wick.  

Candle Type

We recommend to use paper core wicking to make container candles, votives and tea lights. Looking for wicks for other types of candles? Click here for a free downloadable PDF explaining what wick to use for every type of candle. 

Size Recommendation

Our paper core wicking comes in 4 different sizes.  The size to use depends on the width of the candle you are making as well as the type of wax.