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Round Metal Mold 3" x 6.5"

Item# 13465

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Our metal molds are made of a rigid aluminum which makes them durable and long-lasting...they will stand up to years of multiple use!  This specific round metal mold is a classic shape and size for a pillar candle.  It measures 6.5 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter and holds approximately 21 ounces of wax.  The clean lines and shape of this mold allow for you to highlight specific design techniques such as layering with multiple colors of wax or  for you to enjoy the simplicity of this long-burning candle when using a single color.  Using pure, natural beeswax is especially beautiful when using this mold.  Each of our metal molds come with 1 yard of wicking*, a wick bar, mold sealer (putty), a wick screw and instructions.  Additional equipment that you will need to use with this mold include the following:

  • Wax - we prefer beeswax for its natural attributes, but it is completely up to you as to the type of wax to use.
  • Wicking* - If using beeswax to make your round pillar candle, we recommend to try using a #2 square braid wicking. 
  • Melting pot - we recommend to use a combination of our metal melting pot with pour spout and our double boiler stand ring to make a double boiler.  
  • Thermometer - to monitor the temperature of your melting wax.
  • Magnetized mold sealer - to seal the wick hole on the bottom of the mold.
  • Silicone spray - to help your candle remove easily from the mold.
  • Colorant and/or fragrance - if desired.
  • Wooden skewers - to release air bubbles from your cooling candle.  

For detailed instructions on how to use metal candle molds, click here.

*The size of wicking that comes with our metal molds is for use with paraffin wax.  If you are using a wax that is not paraffin, we recommend to purchasing wicking that fits your needs.  For general guidelines on choosing a wick size, click here.

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