Choosing the right additives to add into your soaps is what makes your soap your own. With high quality additives from GloryBee, you'll be able to create the soaps you and your customers deserve. From oils to soften skin all the way to additives to improve the health of users, we carry a wide range of natural additives for you to use in your soap making.More about GloryBee Bath and Body


  1. D-Alpha Acetate. The most natural form of vitamin E available. Provides anti-oxident properties to soaps and cosmetics. It is also said that it can help prevent skin wrinkles and scarring.

    Vitamin E Oil

    (1 size)

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  2. Add to soaps to increase moisturizing qualities. May also be used to make gels and liquid soap.

    Liquid Vegetable Glycerin

    (2 sizes)

  3. All natural, very high quality menthol crystals are a by-product of mint essential oil production. Add to salves and balms to add a cooling sensation. Menthol crystals will dissolve easily in any oil or alcohol based liquid or cream. Menthol is used in mu

    Natural Menthol Crystals

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