Uncapping Roller

Size: 1 Each

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This is one of our favorite pieces of extracting equipment because it is fast, easy and affordable!

Before you put your honey-filled frames into an extractor, you will need to make sure that the caps on the sealed honey comb are pierced or cut first. This piercing or cutting allows for the honey to come out of the comb when the frames are being spun in the extractor. This tool specifically pierces the capped comb unlike an uncapping knife which cuts the caps off the comb.

The roller portion of our uncapping roller is made from a durable, food-grade plastic. The roller is attached to the comfortable, wooden handle by a food-grade metal rod. The roller is offset from the handle making it easy to maneuver. To use, simply roll the spiked wheel over the top of capped honey comb. The spikes are strategically and evenly spaced so that they will pierce each comb in just the right spot. You can roll through many frames in very little time. It can be used alone or in conjunction with an uncapping knife to reach into those frame corners that a knife can’t.

It measures 13” long by 4.5” wide and can be cleaned in warm, soapy water.