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Copper Peaked Roof

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Copper Peaked Roof

Item# 19547

Size: 1 Each

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This charming copper peaked roof is not only functional but it is decorative too! The wood base is made from wax-coated durable pine.  The wax coating protects the hive and your bees from the elements of harsh weather like rain, ice and snow.  An added benefit of the wax coating is that you won't have to paint the wooden base.  If do want to paint it, the wax will need to be scraped off first.  We recommend using the peaked roof in combination with an inner cover to help prevent your bees from going up into the peak and building comb.  Some will also attach a fine mesh screen to the bottom of the roof to prevent this from happening as well.

Measures 6.625" tall x 18.375" wide x 22" long.  Fits standard 10 frame hives.