Beeswax Sheets

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Not only is it fun and easy to make rolled candles and ornaments from beeswax sheets, it is also a great activity for all ages including kids because it doesn’t require any heat! Each sheet is embossed with the traditional hexagon honeycomb pattern that is found in real beehives. Rolled beeswax candles and honeycomb embossed ornaments are wonderful to give as unique, homemade gifts that your family and friends will love. They are also great for you to keep for your own personal use! Each sheet measures 8" x 16 ¾" and each box contains 10 sheets of a single color. Free instructions upon request (request in the "customer notes" section on our checkout page).


The most popular use for beeswax sheets is that of making rolled candles. A variety of different types of candles can be made with beeswax sheets by cutting the sheets in various ways and/or attaching multiple sheets together. You can make votives, pillars, tapers and even skep-shaped candles (skeps are old-fashioned straw beehives).  For basic instructions on how to make rolled beeswax candles, click here.


Beeswax sheets are manufactured in the United States from beeswax harvested around the world.


Over time, our beeswax will develop a naturally occurring white film on its surface. This white film is called "bloom" and is very similar to what happens to pure chocolate over time and is an indication of the quality of the beeswax. If you do not like the look of bloom, it can simply be removed by buffing the surface of the candle or other beeswax product with a soft cloth or applying low/warm heat with a hair dryer.

Wicking for Rolled Candles

We recommend using flat braid wicking for rolled beeswax candles. The size of wicking to use depends on the width of the candle you are making. To see recommendations on size, click here.


Colors pictured may vary slightly from actual color. Beeswax sheets are shipped at your own risk during cold weather conditions (below 40° F). The sheets can get brittle and break when they get too cold. If you aren’t sure about the status of shipping the sheets, please call or email our customer service department at (800) 456-7923 or click here.