My wife Kelly and I got a text from friends of ours, Jason and Ann, who have a 5 acre farm near the river where we live. They reported seeing a swarm that had landed on their grape arbor. I headed that way with my two sons at about 10 am on our way to go fishing so that I could shake the bees into the hive. We shook the bees into the hive, and set the lid on the hive with 8 frames in it. On our way back from fishing at around 2 pm we stopped by to see if the bees had taken to their new home, at which time we could put the lid on the hive. Good news! They were settling well in the hive as some of 8 frames had honey in them, so I'm sure they found that very attractive. We left and loaded the hive into the back of our pickup once it was sealed. When I got home, I moved the hive into place, and unsealed the lid and entrance. I then added a feeder with vinegar syrup and a 9" frame so the bees would be well fed. I will plan to replace the queen on Wednesday night May 30, 2012. It's always fun to catch a swarm!