Just as there are different breeds of dogs, there are different races of bees. If you're a beekeeper or just someone who's interested in these awesome creatures, then it's important that you're able to tell the difference between some of the common races.

The main differences between variations of bees are subtle, but they are essential for identification. The main factors that determine these differences include:

  • If they are docile
  • Their likelihood to swarm
  • Their tendency to raise young late in the year which requires more honey reserves for winter
  • How well they suit their local environment
  • Their resistance to diseases
  • Their production of honey
  • Their production of propolis
  • Their ability to cope with cold weather

Most often, you can identify the different kinds of bees based on their physical appearance. Here are some of the more common races of bees.


Honeybees were imported in order to pollinate agricultural crops, making bee pollen for sale a common practice. They are easy to distinguish from other native bees by their golden-brown coloring with black abdominal stripes. For the honeybee race, the females are the worker bees. If you look closely, you can see the pollen on their legs after they've visited a flower. Honeybees live in hives run by professional or hobbyist beekeepers who help to make the bee pollen for sale. And believe it or not, these little creatures can fly up to 15 miles per hour! Thanks to honeybees, we have products like organic honey, honey bears, and even honey candy.


Bumblebees are a little bit bigger than honeybees, and they have a black body covered in dense yellow and black hair. They often get confused with carpenter bees, but it's relatively easy to tell the difference. Bumblebees are much smaller than carpenter bees. Bumblebees also have hair on their abdomen where carpenter bees don't. Bumblebees get their name from their noise they make when they fly into a flower.

Carpenter bees

Finally, carpenter bees typically have a bad reputation because they can bore into your wood, make a hole, and lay eggs. Another identifiable characteristic is that they tend to swoop out of nowhere and hover in your of your face, seemingly looking you in the eye. Many people think these bees are destructive, but they are excellent pollinators.

There are tons of different kinds of bees out there, and they are all important for our way of life.