Did you know that for about 25 years now, GloryBee has been working with local partners to ensure that Lane County students don’t go hungry?

We team up with Eugene companies Attune Foods and Grain Millers to produce nutritious, organic cereal (currently a delicious Blueberry Flax Granola), for local food bank Food For Lane County.

FFLC then distributes it through their Cereal For Youth program, which serves children and teens at Lane County Schools, either as breakfast, a snack, or to take home. There is no income ceiling – anyone who is hungry, for any reason, is welcome to fill up with the cereal. Cereal For Youth distributes hundreds of thousands of portions of cereal every year.

Here’s a heart-warming video with more details about the Cereal For Youth program:

It’s part of our DNA as a company to help those around us, especially when it comes to children and nutrition. We are proud and happy to work with our longtime partners to contribute to this worthwhile effort!

Side note: Of course we can’t help but mention that it’s not only kids who like blueberries; honey bees pollinate them and even make blueberry honey! We love to think that the very blueberries that nourish local children were visited in their blossom forms by our favorite pollinators.