Camas Mill StoreHundreds of years ago, grain mills and single-room school houses could be found in almost any community. They were life-centers for families-- providing, food, employment and education to local residents. Sadly, over the years, authentic stone grist mills faded away to larger corporate milling operations—and local schoolhouses were replaced by State school systems. Communities began to lose local gathering places and now people connect less frequently with their neighbors.

Camas Country Mill is bringing local tradition back to the Willamette Valley!
Camas Country Mill started in 1952 and is operated by the Hunton family of Junction City, Oregon. In 2011, in an effort to grow grain for the local and regional market, they opened up a traditional stone grain mill—the first grist mill in the Willamette Valley in the past 80 years! Stone milling grinds the whole grain kernel, resulting in a natural whole grain flour which retains all of the inherent nutrition of the grain.

Saving History
With their stone grist mill productively grinding away at local grains, Camas Country Mill made another impact in their community when they stepped up to preserve a piece of local history—they saved a historic schoolhouse from demolition and transported it to their farm’s property.  What once was an eyesore of peeling paint and rotting wood was soon revived to its former beauty.

Gather around the Table
A single-room school house and a stone mill—The Willamette Valley is reclaiming its heritage thanks to Camas Country Mill—the only thing we’re missing is the food… Wait! No we’re not. Camas Country Mill has opened up their Schoolhouse Bakery. Fresh baked bread, lunch and sweets-- all made from freshly ground whole grains and enjoyed in the ambiance of the historic little schoolhouse. It’s really amazing food; be sure to visit if you’re in Lane County.

A Partnership of Vision
GloryBee’s commitment to use business as a force for good in our community requires us to seek out business partners who share our vision for a sustainable future. We are proud to work with Camas Country Mill to make our local community a happy and healthy place to live.