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Slicker Yellow Gel Tone

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This yellow gel tone is easy-to-blend in lotions, gels, soaps and other cosmetics.  Not for use in candles. Not recommended for cold process soap making.

Just a few drops will go a long way. As a general rule, a 1 oz bottle will color 8 pounds of soap. In some cases, the gel tone colors will change when adding them to cold process soap due to the pH of the lye. Generally, the gel tone colorants will be more of a pastel color.


After adding the lye to the oils, stir your soap until it has reached a very thin trace. Add the gel colorant and use a stick blender for approximately 15–30 seconds. The stick blender will thicken your soap (quicken its time to trace) and it will assure that your color is well blended. At this point, you may continue stirring, or add fragrances and pour into the molds as appropriate.


Slicker yellow gel tone has been know to bleed over time.

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