Aunt PattyAunt Patty's is named after Pat Turanski, co-founder of GloryBee foods and wife of our founder and president, Dick Turanski. Cooking and baking with natural ingredients has always been one of Pat's passions. The Aunt Patty's brand was launched in 1983 with the introduction of our popular unsulphured blackstrap molasses. All our Aunt Patty's products are thoughtfully selected and known for their healthful properties as well as their flavor.

In the Pacific Northwest, we enjoy a way of life surrounded by the beauty of nature. Inspired by the culture in which she was born and raised, Pat Turanski chose natural sweeteners instead of refined white sugar for her own family. This personal philosophy became the foundation for the Aunt Patty's brand, which has expanded to include a wide variety of natural, organic, and non-GMO products for grocery stores.

Aunt Patty's products are always a great value. When we choose a product to include in the Aunt Patty's brand, you can be assured that it has been carefully selected because we believe it to be an essential ingredient for healthy living.