When you think of your favorite candy, you might imagine gummy worms, chocolate, or even candied fruits. Most people don’t think of honey when listing their favorite desserts. However, despite it seeming like a strange snack now, this ingredient was one of the first sweet treats people ever enjoyed in history. This article will examine the origin of sweets and how honey became the first candy. Let’s get started.

Finding Honey

Before there were chocolate bars and sour chews, cavemen found leftover honeycombs from abandoned beehives. Although there are many different theories about how cavemen first found honey, it’s believed that they stumbled across honeycombs, tasted the fresh honey, and immediately sought out more of this delicious syrup.

Although there’s little to no evidence of how cavemen consumed honey, scholars believe these interactions with sugar contributed to the eventual evolution and popularity of honey in other cultures.

Honey Candy in Egypt

The ancient Egyptians were some of the first people to document and experiment with honey. Knowing that this sweet syrup tasted delicious, they learned to combine honeycombs with fresh fruits. The combination of natural sugars from the honey and fruit, mixed with the intense, tart citrus flavors of the different fruits, created some of the earliest known desserts.

Honey Candy in Asia

As the combination of honey and fruit became a typical mixture in desserts worldwide, ancient China also began experimenting with honey candy flavors. Realizing that natural honey was beneficial for aiding digestive issues and inflammation, ancient Chinese remedies began to include honey candy as a sweet, healthy at-home remedy for illness. So honey became not only a beloved candy but also a primary medical treatment.

Honey Candy in Greece and Italy

Ancient Greeks and Romans also established honey as one of the first candies in history. These cultures were the first to roll fruits and honey together in a precise formation. Ancient Greeks and Romans also experimented with the temperature of their honey candies by using natural elements to heat and cool their candied fruits.

The origin of sweets may seem strange, but it’s not difficult to see how honey became the first candy people enjoyed throughout history. As society has developed, honey has continued to contribute to some of the largest candy brands of all time.

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