Here's a great way to take your average vanilla scented candle to the next level and engage your friends and family in a fun DIY craft that everyone can enjoy. As the cinnamon sticks warm from the heat of the candle, a welcoming aroma spreads through the air to make your home feel comfy and cozy - perfect for these cold, winter months.



  • Once you have gathered all of your supplies and your glue gun is heated and loaded, carefully apply one strip of glue along the flat side of a cinnamon stick.
  • Gently press the glue-side of the stick onto the side of the candle for about 5-10 seconds to ensure it stays in place.
  • Repeat this process as you adhere the sticks one-by-one next to each other around the candle until they have completely surrounded the pillar.
  • If desired, apply the glue directly to the candle and gently press the cinnamon stick to the glue instead.
  • Once the cinnamon sticks have all been applied, wrap a strand of twine around the sticks several times and tie in a bow.
  • Light the candle and enjoy the warmth that fills the air. NEVER burn candle unattended.

Cinnamon Candle DIY Step 2


Cinnamon Candle DIY Step 3


Cinnamon Candle DIY Step 4


Cinnamon Candle DIY Step 6


Cinnamon Candle DIY final