Expeller Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

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This nearly odorless and light yellow oil is mechanically pressed from 100% pure almonds. It is known to be a very effective emollient, rich in essential fatty acids as well as vitamins A and E, providing softening and conditioning qualities to the skin and hair. Because it is such a light oil, it penetrates the skin easily and quickly, making it ideal for dry, itchy skin. When used as a fat in soap making, it saponifies easily and produces a mild soap with a gentle lather. It can be used as a large percentage of fats in your soap recipe, but it is not recommended to be used as the only fat.

Sweet Almond OilBotanical Name

Prunus dulcis

Country of Origin


Extraction Method

Expeller Pressed

Refinement Process

Refined, Bleached & Deodorized

Food Grade


Suggested Uses

Sweet almond oil is a common carrier oil used in a variety of body care products including creams, lotions, balms, scrubs, massage oils, conditioners and soaps.    

Shelf Life & Storage

Product shelf life is dependent on storage conditions and is highly variable. Products should be stored in unopened containers under cool, dry conditions and away from direct sunlight. Industry standard for product, when stored under optimum conditions, is 12 months.  

Saponification Value

190-200 mg KOH per gram of fat
Conversion Value for NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) = 0.139 oz
Conversion Value for KOH (Potassium Hydroxide) = 0.195 oz
For more information on SAP values and conversions, click here. (link this)


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