If you remember last week (one week after I added the 2nd Deep Super) the queen had laid in 3 frames. This week I checked and basically all of the frames were full of eggs. This queen is laying alot and fast. I found more queen cells and removed them. I found a swarm queen cell on the bottom and removed all signs of queen cells. I removed the feeder and added the 10th frame. I then decided to add a deep super with windows and thin foundation for cut comb honey, as well as change the 2nd deep super to a deep super with windows so I could have some educational hives for guests at my home. I'm worried about this hive swarming, so this week I plan to remove two or three capped frames of brood and switch them out with some empty drawn comb frames from my swarm hive. This will hopefully accomplish a two for one, giving my swarm hive some brood to jump start it and weaken the packaged bee hive so that, hopefully, it won't swarm. In addition, I may add a second honey super to my packaged bee hive just to ensure that the bees in this very strong hive feel they have enough room. With the wonderful sunny weather we had in May, the bees are really strong and with the rain this week, if we get sun next week, the blackberry blossom honey flow should be fantastic!

If you would like to purchase a Deep Super with Window click here. Please note that this comes unpainted, when painting this Super, paint the outside only.