One week after I added my second deep super to both hives I wanted to check to see if they had moved up and cleaned up some of the frames that had some mold and old honey/pollen store, as well as to see if the queen was laying in the second deep super yet. In the hive I started this year the queen was busy at work and had already laid eggs in three frames. What I found next surprises me even more (see picture) and that was what looked to be supersedure cells. I was surprised because the queen seems to be laying well and there is still plenty of space. I checked the rest of the hive and there was no other signs of supersedure cells. I will be checking this weekly to see if there are any signs of them still trying to supersede. The other hive have worked up into the second box and the queen had begun laying on 2 frames and she looked to be in great condition.