Hot Summer days are perfect for eating ice cream, but let’s be real--every day is the perfect day when it comes to eating ice cream!  The only thing we can think of that’s better than ice cream is homemade ice cream.  We recommend using honey to sweeten your ice cream to avoid using refined sugar. The amazing thing about honey is the variety of flavors they offer--not all honeys taste the same.
For this particular recipe, we are using one of our Pacific Northwest varieties that is especially popular late summer, but you can use any flavor you wish. Experiment to find your perfect blend!

1 Cup whole milk
½ Cup GloryBee Raw Blackberry Blossom Honey
3 Cups heavy cream
¼ tsp salt
4 egg yolks
2 Tbsp Aunt Patty's Pure Vanilla Extract

  1. In a saucepan, heat milk, cream, honey and salt over medium heat until hot. Be careful not to let the mixture boil and curdle.
  2. Whisk egg yolks in a medium heat-proof bowl, then slowly pour 1 cup of the hot cream mixture into the yolks while whisking. Transfer yolk mixture into the saucepan of rest of cream mixture; heat and stir constantly until the custard thickens slightly. Again, be careful not to let it boil and curdle.
  3. Stir in vanilla extract. Cover the custard with plastic wrap and refrigerate until cold, about 6 hours. To speed up this process, place bowl of custard in a larger bowl of ice water to form an ice bath and stir custard occasionally, until cold. The colder the custard is, the faster the machine will be able to create ice cream.
  4. Follow the directions on your ice cream maker to freeze. Once the mixture is frozen, put it into containers and allow it to "ripen" for at least 2 hours in the freezer.